Monday, June 14, 2010

More Testimonials from Weight Reduction Classes, on the 8 th day of class, after 7 weeks:

My breathing, sleeping, and relaxation has improved. Even though I don't concentrate on watching what I eat my appetite has decreased and I have lost 14+ pounds...have not weighed in yet for this month...but I know it's at least 3 or 4 lbs more.

B.L., 17 pounds

Lost approx. 13 lbs and know I have control over my eating and exercise. Not having to be on a diet with a beginning and an end. There was no pressure.

D.D., 13 pounds

Weight loss of 8 1/2 pounds, Blood pressure lowered from 140/83 (3/1/10) to 132/65 (4/29)!
Lowered cravings in the evening-my problem time.
I feel hopeful about the future.

J.M., 8 1/2 pounds

Lost 10 pounds. Sleep better at night while playing CD.

K.S., 10 pounds

Testimonials From Weight Loss Classes

Cravings were reduced, ate smaller meals, drank more water, relax much more with less effort. EFT is a great help when stressful situations come up... Thanks Marilyn!
J.G, Seattle

I met my goals during the class, I lost 8 pounds, a pound a week!
B.S., Seattle

I've lost 5 pounds and the waist line is smaller. I've noticed a clear increase in my appetite for fruits and vegetables.
J.M., Doula

I attribute the relaxation and focusing skills to giving me back my voice-Had been diagnosed with paralyzed vocal chords and now I'm back on the road to singing again. I have been very happy and not so depressed or stressed since having this class.
C.M., former singer